Nine of the world’s best 100 restaurants are seaside dining establishments that do not only offer the best and finest dining experience all around the world, but also affording patrons and first-time diners a rare glimpse into the marvelous fusion of culinary excellence and superb views of the seas and oceans of the world.

From the shores of Asia to the frigid waters of the Nordic regions to the warm and sunny French Riviera and the Mediterranean to the calm southern currents of Oceania, these world’s best seaside restaurants are a must for any serious food lover and self-confessed connoisseur.

Macau’s Gem

Robuchon au Dome is a Three Michelin Starred fine dining restaurant that provides a spectacular view of the Macau cityscape as well as the great expanse of the South China Sea. Located at the dome of the majestic Grand Lisboa Hotel, the Robuchon boasts of unrivaled culinary artistry that can only be complemented with the world’s finest wines. With a breathtaking interior decorative styling and impeccable service, this is truly a fine dining experience that can only be described as nothing less than exquisite.

The Pearl of the French Riviera

Along the coast of the French Riviera lies Restaurant La Vague d’Or in La Seyne-sur-Mer, France. The La Vague offers the unique experience of dining with a fantastic view of the blue waters of the Mediterranean. Focusing on Provencal cuisine with only the finest locally grown ingredients, the Three Michelin Starred La Vague provides diners a taste of Greek, Italian, and Spanish cuisine married in French flair.

In the Principality of Monaco, dining at the famed Restaurant Le Louis XV – Alain Ducasse a l’Hotel de Paris is like taking a historic journey into the development of the Riviera itself. With the same passion and commitment observed by other Three Michelin Starred establishments to use only the freshest ingredients in their menu, the Le Louis XV continuously pushes the boundaries of their culinary artistry.

laterrasse restaurant france

Overlooking Hong Kong’s Breathtaking Victoria Harbor

Two of the world’s top seaside restaurants offer a spectacular view of one of the world’s busiest harbors – Victoria Harbor in Hong Kong. The Two Michelin Starred Amber, located inside Hong Kong’s top-tiered luxury shopping mall, The Landmark, offers fine French cuisine in a Zen-inspired dining area to complete a truly one-of-a-kind dining experience.

Caprice is another Hong Kong’s Two Michelin Starred-seaside restaurant that provides marvelous French dishes complemented with equally rich cheeses produced by France’s best cheese artisans. Diners are afforded the luxury of sampling the finest selection of wines from the fertile regions of Burgundy and Bordeaux

Sublime Cornish Setting

Situated on Porthminster Beach in St Ives, the Porthminster Cafe is a Cornish dining institution. This is a beautiful, small restaurant specialising in fish and seafood freshly hauled from Atlantic Ocean. The setting is perfect, overlooking a white sand beach and clear, blue sea which would not be out of place in the Caribbean.

Often overlooked in favour of the better known restaurants in Padstow, further up the coast of Cornwall, St Ives is an enclave of unique dining experiences. The best of which can be found in this sublime location on the beach.

The Pride of Marina Bay Sands

Overlooking the Singapore Straits and inside one of the world’s most awarded hotel, the Marina Bay Sands, the Waku Ghin is not your ordinary fine dining restaurant. With carefully appointed private cocoon rooms, each with its own chef, diners are given the rare opportunity to be presented with the best and finest ingredients to be used in their chosen meals. Their chef will prepare the dish in their presence before being ushered into the main dining area for desserts. All these while immersing yourself in the magnificent Singapore skyline.

Nordic Best

Two Michelin Starred Noma has been consistently ranked as the best restaurant in the world. It serves modern inspirations of classic Scandinavian or Nordic cuisine introducing molecular gastronomy in many of their interpretations of what Nordic cuisine should be in the modern times.

Bay Area’s Star

The Saison is San Francisco’s Three Michelin Starred seaside restaurant overlooking South Beach Harbor. Saison continuously strives to provide highly individualized menus to cater the vastly different tastes of diners as well as address other needs such as certain dietary restrictions.

The Pearl Down Under

Sydney’s answer to the list of the world’s best seaside restaurants is Quay, just overlooking the beautiful Sydney Harbor. The multi-awarded Quay offers quintessential Australian cuisine using Australian produce focusing on the menu’s purity of flavors, texture, and balance.

These are nine of the world’s 100 best restaurants that are united by one common goal – provide a unique dining experience with a superb view of the sea.