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The Most Scenic American Train Rides

But if Cascade Train This 156-mile trip through the Pacific Northwest is a journey through green forests. Once you get to Seattle, the ride becomes more interesting. As it passes along Puget Sound, you might get a view of the Olympic Mountains on the western side. 2. Cass Scenic Railroad Take this road to enjoy the scenery and the old-style locomotives that used to transport wood to mining camps.

The first is the 32-mile Tuckasegee River Excursion which passes by the green valleys and old bridges before pulling into the small town of Dillsboro

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Must-see Places in Arkansas

Arkansas is not at the top of the list of states to visit by international travelers, mostly because they prefer to see the bigger cities. But if you are looking for breathtaking nature, then head over to The Natural State, where there is a long list of beautiful places for you to explore. 1. Garvan Woodland Gardens The Hot Springs National Park is quite popular as a tourist destination but you should make sure to also check these gardens not so far away.

But now it is the site of Wakarusa, a multi-day music fest that is normally held in June

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Arizona’s Best Tourist Routes

If there is one thing you will remember about Arizona, it’s the Grand Canyon. Every year, thousands of tourists flock to this place to witness the changing colors of the rock formations. But what people don’t know is that there are other things to do in Arizona than explore Every year, thousands of tourists flock to this place to witness the changing colors of the rock formations.

Here, you’ll get to see where gunfights are filmed and even tour the Boothill Graveyard. These four road trip routes are just some of the many trips you can take in Arizona

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Alaska’s Most Interesting Attractions

Denali National Park And Preserve This national park is home to a wide variety of wildlife like grizzly bears, elk, reindeer, and more than 160 bird species. Not only is Denali National Park one of the biggest parks in the US, it is also the highest mountain in North America is a part of the 6-million acre park. The beauty of the wilderness already draws a lot of tourists, and they have quite a few adventure activities to choose from like mountaineering, backpacking, biking, and hiking.

Mendenhall Glacier Close to Juneau, visitors do not have to travel very far to experience visiting a glacier

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Top Attractions in Alabama

US Space & Rocket Center One of Alabama’s claims to fame is being the birthplace of the space program, as it is where the Apollo rocket was refined and set up. To memorialize this, a permanent exhibit can be visited at the US Space & Rocket Center and it has been visited by almost 16 million people. Beyond that, the Center holds popular science camps which draw in thousands of participants yearly.

The Birmingham Civil Rights Institute has documented this history, including the first fights for freedom and how it grew from there. Tourists will love the natural, historical, and man-made attractions that Alabama has to offer

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Ready for an Adventure, These are the Things You Shouldn’t Forget

Before you let go of yourself completely and give in to the hype of traveling and the sense of adventure, there are some things that you cannot do without. First of all, the whole effort of your packing and preparing will go to waste if you find out in the boarding line to your plane that you have not brought your passport with you.

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