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Most Wonderfully Remote Places in South America

The huge continent of South America has been drawing visitors for decades, because of its archaeological sites and breathtaking sceneries. While access to some of these sites has improved in the last years, there are still many that have remained hidden to most of the world. Visiting these places might mean hours of bus or boat rides but every single minute is worth it once you see what they have to offer.

1. Lago General Carrera, Chile/Argentina

This 1850 square-kilometer body of water straddles the borders of Chile and Argentina and is located about 5 hours south of Coyhaique. It is impressive due to the changing hues of the water, which comes from melting glaciers from the mountain.

Just as breathtaking are the blue, white, and pink marble rock formations at the center, formed after 6000 years of erosion. Visitors can take a boat ride to the biggest, the Marble Cathedral or El Catedral de Marbol.

2. Quilotoa Volcano, Ecuador

Ecuador is already one of the least visited countries in South America, so you can expect almost no rush of tourists here. Although it is much smaller compared to its neighbors, it has enough natural beauty to draw visitors in. For example, it has 8 major volcanoes that can wow you.

The most beautiful is the Quilotoa Volcano, with its caldera at 3,914 meters or 12,841 feet high. The crater has a 3 km diameter and offers wonderful sights, so long as you make the difficult hike. What makes it more remote is also the lack of tourist infrastructure around the volcano, so you can expect the trip to be a true adventure.

3. Vinicunca, Peru

The Rainbow Mountain of Vinicunca is a true once-in-a-lifetime natural wonder. At an altitude of 5,200 meters or 17,100 feet, it is a part of the Peruvian Andes. The name comes from the 7 colors due to the minerals found on the mountain. The end effect is a rainbow mountain that cannot be found anywhere else. Reaching the mountain is a challenge, with visitors needing to hike for a day from Quichuyuno.

4. Angel Falls, Venezuela

The Angel Falls, or Salto Angel in Spanish, is not just remote because of the difficulties traveling into Venezuela these days. The world’s highest waterfall also requires a total travel time of 3 days from the nearest city. It is found inside a dense rainforest, adding to the challenge of reaching it. However, its impressive drop will make any other waterfall look tiny. Visitors who want to reach Salto Angel will need to first fly from Ciudad Bolivar to Canaima Camp. Next is a 10-hour drive to the river, before a long boat ride to reach the base of the falls.

5. Yacyreta Island Dunes, Paraguay

This site is found in another one of the lesser-known South American countries, Paraguay. Here the Parana River hosts the island of Yacyreta and its interestingly-shaped white sand dunes. The most famous of them all is the San Cosme y Damian. Visiting these dunes are tough due to the lack of tourist infrastructure. In fact, only some fishermen live there so you will need a tour guide to bring you there.

These are just some of the truly hidden gems found in South America, which might be challenging to reach but once you see the beauty they have to offer, will make every hour of journey nothing less than worthwhile.


How to Make the Most of Your Seaside Vacation

Not all of us are lucky enough to live near the seashore where the morning is typically greeted by the warm, life-giving breath of sunshine or saying adieu to the day as the sun sets in the horizon, turning the sea into a glimmering ocean of little fireflies. Sure enough, lucky are those who are afforded these views. But it doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll forever be confined to seeing the concrete jungle of the city. You can always go on a seaside holiday vacation and make the most out of it. That way when you do get home you’ll be bringing with you nothing but a bucket full of wonderful memories of sun, surf, and a whole lot more. Here’s how.

Plan early

Unless you’re the type of holiday vacationer who prefers to pack up unprepared, there’s only one way you can truly enjoy the most out of your seaside holiday vacation: plan for it. When we say plan we don’t necessarily mean you are going to write every detail of your trip. Just a general idea of what you want to accomplish and how you want to accomplish it should be enough. This also means you’ve got to set your budget as well as the things you are going to do. Make sure to put an allowance into everything as you will never really know what can happen when you’re already there.

Book early

Just as planning your trip early on can help you enjoy your holiday trip, booking early can also help you feel less stressed. In addition to the great savings you’ll get, you will also be able to spend more time preparing for your holiday getaway since you have all the reservations and bookings taken care of in advance.

Take the advice of locals

Try to get as much advice as possible from local people in the destination you’ll be travelling to. This could be online advice through review sites and forums, or you could ask questions on social media platforms. When seeking vacation accommodation it pays to talk to a local holiday representative on the ground at the resort to get the best support before booking. For holiday lets and vacation rentals choose an agent who is based in the destination itself and not a national or international broker. For example, if travelling to Cornwall in the UK, go with a reputable local company like Cornish Holiday Cottages. Or if you wish to stay at a hotel, speak to a receptionist or manager at the hotel before you commit to spend your money on seaside accommodation for your vacation or holiday.

Study the location

People from different places often have different customs, traditions, beliefs, and practices. While it is important to be well-informed about the different festivities and things to do in a particular holiday destination, it is equally crucial to have a basic understanding of the local customs and traditions. Remember, you will be mostly interacting with local folks so it would really pay to learn a few things about their culture. 

Let loose, but be vigilant

Enjoy every moment of your trip. However, you should still keep an eye on things. Holiday tourist destinations even those located in the beach are magnets for unscrupulous activities. Scammers will always be out to spoil your planned holiday. Make sure you’re aware of the common vacation scams so you no what to avoid during your time away. Otherwise, instead of bringing home many fond memories with you, you’ll perhaps end up with nightmares of your ordeal. So, let loose but do not ever let your guard down.

Having a really fabulous time during your much-deserved seaside holiday vacation is easy if you plan enough for it. Understanding local customs and letting loose while remaining vigilant are some of the keys to help you relish the memories you will be making while on your dream getaway. If any, it’s immersing oneself in the beauty of the place that makes it all the more worthwhile.

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