If you are inspired by the sea and hear the calling of the coast, then you will appreciate the true value of a stunning sea view. All over the world there are hundreds of thousands of coastal hotspots juts ready to be enjoyed. We look at some of the top global sea views you really must see before you die.

Twelve Apostles, Australia

Out of the Great Ocean Road in southern Australia lies one of the world’s most spectacular sea views. Behind Ayers Rock and the Great Barrier reef,  the Twelve Apostles coastal zone is one of Australia’s favourite natural attractions for tourists. This coastal scene consists of a series of limestone stacks cut adrift from the surrounding cliff tops by many Millenia of erosion by sea, wind and rain. Best seen from the shore of Port Campbell National Park, the Twelve Apostles present an awesome scene worth of its position in the list of top sea views. Many people who travel to Australia stop in this area to see this natural wonder so there is a large supply of cottages by the sea, hotels and guest houses in the area to stay and enjoy this unique coastal environment.

Big Sur, California, USA

Pacific Highway 1 runs all the way along the California coast through the area commonly known as Big Sur. Here the sea clashes with cliffs which rise up towards the 3,000-foot coastal mountains. The road hugs this dramatic coast through a series of tight bends and switchbacks, offering jaw-dropping views of the ocean on one side and glimpses into the deep forested slopes of ancient, giant redwood trees. The whole area is an absolute gem for visitors, but one of the absolute highlights is the 80-foot McWay Falls, which drop from the granite cliffs into the ocean way below.

Ipanema beach Rio sea view

View across Ipanema beach in Rio to the Dos Hermanos mountain

Dos Hermanos, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

From the top of the Morro Dos Hermanos the city and beaches of Rio Janeiro stretch out below. This mountain juts straight up out of the sea like a sleeping giant and offers a prominent landmark to spot from throughout the city. It is named – the two brothers in English – after the two peaks at the top of the mountain. It’s possible to hike up Dos Hermanos from which there are stunning views of Ipanema Beach, the Christ the Redeemer statue and far reaching vistas across the city and its many favellas. If you’re not feeling energetic, you can get equally rewarding views from the top of Sugar Loaf mountain which can be reached by cable car.

Tierra del Fuego, Argentina

Welcome to the city at the end of the world. Tierra del Fuego is at the very southern tip of Argentina and is the represents last populace of any size in South America. next stop Antarctica! In fact many of the Antarctic expeditions and voyages leave from this small port city on the famous Beagle Channel. Looking out across the windswept sea you really do feel like you are at the end of the earth.

Ravello Amalfi Italy sea view

Sea view from Ravello on the Amalfi coast in Italy

Amalfi Coast, Italy

The sun-drenched Amalfi coast in Italy offers some of the finest views in all the Mediterranean. Traveling along the coast south of Naples, you will see fantastic views of colourful houses perched on hillsides above a twinkling deep blue sea. Amalfi, Ravello and Sorrento are some of the key resorts in the area but there are many fantastic places to explore along the coastal drive which offers breathtaking views from steep cliffs which plunge into the sea far below.The Amalfi coast is a beautiful and inspirational destination – with enough dreamy sea views to keep you satisfied for a lifetime.

Long Beach, Tofino, Canada

Way out west on Vancouver Island lies the hip and bustling small town of Tofino – a popular tourist destination for people coming to explore the natural wonders of the deep sounds and Canadian coast. Beyond the town lies true wilderness where deep forests tumble down steep hillsides to the waters edge. A series of inlets and sounds provide a watery adventure playground for kayakers and those seeking hot pools in the thermal springs. Tofino is a great place to stare out to sea into the deep oceanic channel which is home to all kinds of whales. One of the best spots for sea gazing is Long Beach, with over 16 kilometres of sand to explore in this coastal section of the Pacific Rim Park.

Praia de Rocha, the Algarve, Portugal

Portugal’s Algarve is famous for its beaches and sea resorts, and Praia de Rocha is one its most popular tourist hotspots. This quiet beach boasts soft white sand and a clear turquoise sea backed by huge cliffs. Praia de Rocha is one of the Algarve’s best-kept secrets and is a great place to escape and enjoy some Portugal’s finest sea views. The whole Algarve coastline is worth exploring for more stunning coastal scenery, complete with white-washed fishing villages and historic towns to discover.

There you go – a list of stunning sea views to see before you die. Obviously this is only a handful of the many, many seaside vista and coastal wonders to explore on your travels. So get out there and discover some of your own. You will never be disappointed with a good sea view or coastal encounter.

What? You need more inspiration. Check out this video of some of the world’s best beaches: