If you are inspired by All over the world there are hundreds of thousands of coastal hotspots juts ready to be enjoyed. We look at some of the top global sea views you really must see before you die. Twelve Apostles, Australia Out of the Great Ocean Road in southern Australia lies one of the world's most spectacular sea views. Behind Ayers Rock and the Great Barrier reef,  the Twelve Apostles coastal zone is one of Australia's favourite natural attractions for tourists. This coastal scene consists of a series of limestone stacks cut adrift from the surrounding cliff tops by many Millenia of erosion by sea, wind and rain.

Many people who travel to Australia stop in this area to see this natural wonder so there is a large supply of cottages by the sea, hotels and guest houses in the area to stay and enjoy this unique coastal environment. Big Sur, California, USA Pacific Highway 1 runs all the way along the California coast through the area commonly known as Big Sur

Tierra del Fuego is at the very southern tip of Argentina and is the represents last populace of any size in South America

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