Aside from visual satisfaction, many individuals go on a trip for thrilling adventures. Below is a list of activities which will surely make your adrenaline level rise. These are really heart-pounding but are nonetheless fulfilling once you have conquered them.

1. Bridge climbing

As the name implies, you will actually climb a bridge in this activity. Thus, there is no need to go out of town to other places for adventure. Any takers, however, should secure a permit to do so. Equipped with climbing skills, you will definitely indulge in panoramic views this activity offers. An alternative is using the walkways provided for in bridges like that of the famous Sydney Harbor Bridge which is popularly known as a 440-foot monumental landmark.

2. Sandboarding

Walking and riding a 4×4 are the classic ways to go about sand dunes. However, sandboarding is a more enjoyable alternative. You can either sit or stand on the board while sliding down the hill. This is dependent on your capability to balance yourself on the board.

3. Skydiving

Skydiving is one of the best if not the best way to pump adrenaline into your body. It is basically a freefall in the air from an airplane. With the help of a parachute, you are able to enjoy the spectacular top view of famous sites while falling.

4. Rappelling

Climbing a mountain is challenging but rappelling down from the mountain is more exciting as well as thrilling. Through rappelling, individuals are given the chance to have a glimpse of the mountain from another point of view. Rappelling requires more skills compared to mountain climbing. You can actually enjoy abseiling more when you are able to capture mesmerizing views like that of a natural wonder of a towering falls.

5. Ziplining

Ziplining is challenging when the line is long and high. For views pleasurable to the eyes, ziplines are often located on tree tops. Harnesses are there to secure you on high altitudes. The famous zipline adventures include that in Bootleg Canyon and the longest zipline circuit in North America which is included in the well-known Cancun Extreme Zipline Canopy Tour.

6. Swimming with sharks

Swimming with the sharks takes more than just the ability to swim, which is really not relevant to the activity. It requires ample amount of courage or bravery. This is because you will be so close to the sharks that you can feel the impact of their fins as they swim. But fear no more because you will be secured from shark bites for you will be enclosed in a cage.

7. Glacier climbing

Glacier climbing is probably one of the least noticed and participated activity in the world. Iceland is the best place to experience this activity. In glacier climbing, individuals should expect deep crevices and of course frozen landscapes.

8. Rafting

Rafting is a classic way to speed up your heartbeat! You can choose between the motorized and manual paddling rafting. While the latter is undeniably adventure at its finest, motorized rafts are the real deal for tours. There are quite a number of areas where you can enjoy this activity but the most famous is in the Grand Canyon.

9. Rock climbing

Rock climbing is a popular way to conquer peaks. It has been relatively popular over the past decades which is justified by the number of individuals who join this activity. China and Colorado are two of the many hotspots for rock climbing.

10. Caving

Caving is not really an adventure for everybody since it wouldn’t really be fun and enjoyable for the claustrophobic. It entails going through rock crevices by means of crawling. There are times that you have to swim too especially when there are underground bodies of water. Not only is caving a challenge, it is a chance to see the beauty of nature from the inside.

This is just our pick of the world’s best extreme sports perfect to do for an adventurous holiday or vacation. For more exciting ideas see Outside Online.