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Month: June 2019

Top Attractions in Alabama

US Space & Rocket Center One of Alabama’s claims to fame is being the birthplace of the space program, as it is where the Apollo rocket was refined and set up. To memorialize this, a permanent exhibit can be visited at the US Space & Rocket Center and it has been visited by almost 16 million people. Beyond that, the Center holds popular science camps which draw in thousands of participants yearly.

The Birmingham Civil Rights Institute has documented this history, including the first fights for freedom and how it grew from there. Tourists will love the natural, historical, and man-made attractions that Alabama has to offer

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5 Most Awesome Motorcycle Road Trips in America

A road trip on top of a motorcycle is much more of a thrilling ride, especially if you are driving along the most scenic roads in the United States. Beyond the wind on your face, you will see breathtaking views and some adrenaline-pumping curves. So leave the car at home and take your bike through these best motorcycle road trips in the country.

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