People associate beach holidays with the tropics, with palm trees and coconut fruit in your hand. However, for a different seaside experience, you should visit the beautiful fjords in Scandinavia. 

So beautiful are the Norwegian Fjords that they have been named by the UNESCO as one of the “Seven Wonders of Nature” and as one of the best unspoiled travel destinations in the world. It is certainly impressive, especially when you visit it during summer. Norway is considered as the Land of the Midnight Sun, so you can enjoy the views up to midnight.


Sea Views All the Way Inland 

Fjords are unique because the seawaters come inland, due to its past. At the end of the last Ice Age, the glaciers retreated and were replaced by seawater. The existing U-shaped valleys were flooded and thus, the awe-inspiring fjords came to be. Interestingly, Norway has a warm sea current so that the fjords do not freeze during winter. These beautiful sea views in the Norwegian Fjords have inspired many tourists who have journeyed north.

There may be other breathtaking sea views around the world, including these destinations, but the scenery in this Scandinavian wilderness is especially spectacular. Imagine the waters snaking in between very high mountains that reach up to 2000 meters in height, and even reaching up to 1300 meters in depth. At times, the passages are tight, so that not every cruise ship can go inside. Passengers of ships who do make it can literally touch the side of the mountain while standing on deck. 

All over the country, there are numerous fjords to be visited, though the most breathtaking ones are concentrated in the western and northern areas. For example, the Geirangerfjord and Nerøyfjord, included in the UNESCO World Heritage List, offers visitors more than just the sea view. They can see alpine mountains, lush villages, and even waterfalls. On the other hand, Trollfjord in the north, is just 100 meters in the narrowest part, making it one of the most captivating fjords in Norway.

Visitors can expect neck aches from staring at the mesmerizing sights, and their cameras low in space and battery due to taking thousands of pictures. When you also decide to stay in one of the picturesque villages by the fjord, you can wake up to a dream and you will have to pinch yourself to remind you that it is all real.

Best Way to Experience the Fjords

While hiking is a way to enjoy the seaside views, steep mountains might make it difficult for the beginner hiker. Instead, you should try to experience the fjords through a sea kayaking tour. Using these small kayaks, you can explore areas that would otherwise be tough to access through boat. You can even have these areas all to yourself due to their isolation.

Sea kayaking tours are available from half a day to 10 days in total, allowing enthusiasts to fully explore as many fjords as they want. Some hikes may also be integrated to allow a different view. When you go during summer, you do not just get to glimpse the fjords, you can literally stare at them, thanks to about 20 hours of sunlight.

While heading up to Scandinavia is not your typical choice for a seaside holiday, this truly unique landscape will give you an unforgettable trip. Moreover, the midnight sun is something that you should not miss, so include Norway on your travel to-do list now.

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