The UK does not rank very high on the list of affordable destinations, which is why many visitors need every trick and tip to save every dollar or pound possible. For tourists flying in from further destinations, the flight ticket is most likely the priciest item on their trip expenses. At times, the secret lies in finding the cheapest airport to fly into.

Not only does the UK have charming small villages with thatched cottages, rugged hills, and breathtaking cliffs, it also has an efficient public transportation system that makes it easy to fly into other cities and take the train or bus from there to your destination. You are never too far away from the beach and the castles and you would not have to pay hundreds of pounds more for your airfare just to land somewhere closer. Here are the 5 cheapest airports to watch out for when booking your flight.


London City Airport

This airport not just services bigger and traditional airlines like British Airways, but also lower-cost ones like Iberia. Moreover, it is the closest airport to the City of London, which is why it is even more attractive for those who have business to do there or are planning to explore the city. Other airports might still be cheaper, but you will find yourself in the pub or bar much quicker by landing here.


Right smack in the middle is this city and its perfectly located airport. From here you can go for long walks in the Peak District National Park in the north, or the sandy beaches and surfing waves in Cornwall in the south. Not only the location draws visitors to fly into Birmingham, but also the prices are quite affordable. If you are not necessarily going to London, you should definitely consider this as your entry point into the UK.


This is an airport everyone loves to love and hate at the same time. The huge size, which makes it tougher for passengers to navigate, makes it also attractive. Almost all the airlines land here at Heathrow Airport, which is why it is so easy to find a good deal flying in.


Most people have heard of this city due to its football fame, and it is one of the cities you should never miss. Being the sort-of capital of the North, it boasts of lively clubs and interesting museums. This is great news for bargain flight hunters who find themselves landing here. Explore the city before heading off to your final destination.

London Gatwick

London Gatwick is the second largest airport in the UK also hosts a list of airlines that fly nonstop from various corners of the globe. This is a great option for those going to London because it also has the cheapest flights to offer visitors.

The competition for air travel is not just restricted to airlines, with airports also vying to offer the best rates to have flights land there. The passengers have the advantage in the end, allowing them to visit the UK and its popular cities for less. If you ever dreamt of seeing the Big Ben and the Buckingham Palace, the time to book is now.