Arkansas is not at the top of the list of states to visit by international travelers, mostly because they prefer to see the bigger cities. But if you are looking for breathtaking nature, then head over to The Natural State, where there is a long list of beautiful places for you to explore.

1. Garvan Woodland Gardens

The Hot Springs National Park is quite popular as a tourist destination but you should make sure to also check these gardens not so far away. It is a must-see because you can see some unique and uncommon flowers, shrubs, and trees.

2. Mulberry Mountain

Mulberry Mountain is in the Ozark National Forest, just along the Pig Trail or Arkansas Highway 23. The mountain itself is great for hiking trips, thanks to the cabins available onsite. But now it is the site of Wakarusa, a multi-day music fest that is normally held in June. It is becoming even more popular and is undoubtedly the state’s answer to Coachella and Jazzfest.

3. Ozark-St. Francis National Forest

While the city dwellers squeeze in their overcrowded cities, Arkansas has about 400 miles of just hiking trails in the combined Ozark-St. Francis National Forest. While connected, each has its uniqueness that warrants a trip to both. In addition, there are also more than 20 campgrounds in the area so that visitors have a place to stay in while exploring the area.

4. King Biscuit Blues Festival

It is not a place but it is still a must-see for music lovers. Held yearly in October, the festival has been going on since 1986.

5. Ozark Folk Center

Ozark Folk Center in Mountain View (also known as the capital of folk music) preserves the culture and the heritage of the mountains. If you love folk music, then a trip here should be on your list.

6. Thorncrown Chapel

Eureka Springs is where the Thorncrown Chapel is located. This is one of the state’s most unique architecture works. In fact, photographers have been making their way here for more than three decades. Plus, it is quite popular with weddings.

7. Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art

Bentonville has been receiving more guests after the opening of the Crystal Bridges Museum. This free museum visit will help you learn to appreciate the beauty and diversity of humans.

8. Buffalo National River

Arkansas is not recommended for short trips. Because there is so much nature to check out, you won’t have time to see everything. One of these must-sees include the Buffalo National River which is perfect for a weekend trip.

9. Christ of the Ozarks

This monument is truly one of the tallest in the country, although some folks are not big fans of the statue’s modernist style. While the statue, having been featured in the magazines, is more modern, it may not be a must-see for everyone.

For an adventure and nature-filled holiday in Arkansas, you should definitely check out the places listed above. Here you can camp out, hike, or play in the Great Outdoors with your loved ones.