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Sea view from the Twelve Apostles in Australia

Global Sea Views to See before You Die


Best seen from the shore of Port Campbell National Park, the Twelve Apostles present an awesome scene worth of its position in the list of top sea views. Many people who travel to Australia stop in this area to see this natural wonder so there is a large supply of cottages by the sea, hotels and guest houses in the area to stay and enjoy this unique coastal environment. Big Sur, California, USA Pacific Highway 1 runs all the way along the California coast through the area commonly known as Big Sur. Here the sea clashes with cliffs which rise up towards the 3,000-foot coastal mountains. 

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Hikers in bryce canyon Utah USA

Ten of the Best US National Parks

The USA is fortunate to have abundant beautiful parks to visit. From the purple mountain majesties to the amber waves of grain, the drama and diversity of America’s natural landscape can only be rivalled by a few other nations. Summing them up, there are more than 390 US national parks which are maintained by the National Park Service. Whether you are from the East coast, the West coast, in the Midwest or located in the Rockies, there are lots of opportunities to get outdoors and enjoy these magnificent parks on holiday or vacation. Encompassing swamplands, active volcanoes, painted deserts and sequoia forests, these protected areas indeed provide adventurous visitors with firsthand looks at the unique beauty of the untouched American wilderness.

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The Art of Travel

Everyone should find time to travel. It's the one thing that gets us out of our comfort zone and into the big wide world. There are a lifetime of experiences to be had here at home in the US or abroad in far-flung destinations. In this blog I will bring together a collection of stories about my adventures and those of other travel writers. If you're looking for inspiration for life on the open road you've come to the right place. Please check back at Rick's Travel Blog soon to catch the latest travel write-ups on must-see destinations and experiences to do before you die.

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