A road trip on top of a motorcycle is much more of a thrilling ride, especially if you are driving along the most scenic roads in the United States. Beyond the wind on your face, you will see breathtaking views and some adrenaline-pumping curves. So leave the car at home and take your bike through these best motorcycle road trips in the country.

1. Black Hills, South Dakota

Black Hills is very popular with bikers for being the home of the very famous Sturgis Rally. Dating back almost 90 years ago, it has attracted riders from towns within 100 miles of Black Hills. The route takes you through the scenic Custer State Park and its Needles Highway. The 67 miles is full of exciting tight curves and switchbacks, including the 3 tunnels built around Mount Rushmore. You can also take a break at the picturesque Sylvan Lake.

2. Pacific Coast Highway, California

Highway One is known worldwide as being legendary, specifically the 123 miles of the winding and hold-on-to-your-seats stretch between Big Sur and Monterey. On this stretch, the cliffs lead you all the way down to the Pacific but the other side is a beautiful sight full of majestic redwoods. On the southern part of the road, the eye-catching scenery continues, giving you a view of pine forests, beaches and even waterfalls leading down to the sea. Make sure to stop at Pfeiffer State Beach, which contains the curious purple sand beach, the color coming from the deposits of manganese garnet deposits in the rocks.

3. Million Dollar Highway, Colorado

This route goes through 25 miles of Highway 550 between Silverton and Ouray. This ride is truly exciting, with the neverending turns and twists at the edge of the cliffs. It is not for the weak-hearted, but risking the journey will reward you with breathtaking views, including the dramatic San Juan Mountains.

4. Rocky Mountain National Park Loop

There is no better way to enjoy the views of Rocky Mountain National Park, plus you get some hair-raising curves and turns along the way. Trail Ridge Road, or the “Roof of the Rockies”, being 12,183 feet above sea level, is the real highlight of the trip. This means, even in the middle of summer, you can still see some snow at the peaks.

5. Prudhoe Bay, Alaska

Part of what makes this road trip very exciting is that it is only 60% paved and the other 40% being gravel or dirt road, perfect for an adventure bike. This means this route is only for the most experienced, while it promises beautiful views of Denali national parks and the Gates of the Arctic. It is also the most northern you can go on the continent, so expect to see the unspoiled landscapes of the area.

The United States has thousands of miles of roads spanning from east to west and north to south, passing by the most scenic of landscapes and coastlines. So instead of just riding in some boring highway, take a scenic trip to one in this list.